Dynamic Source is a distributor of electronic components. Company is a franchised distributor for more than 20 manufacturers in Asia that gives a possibility to support designing. More detailed information about the manufacturers is provided here.

Either for cost-saving, special procurement or excess, Dynamic Source is your solution partner who is always ready to adjust to every particular request and situation. With more than 30 employees in procurement the inquiries can be evaluated in Asia, Europe and USA in order to provide customers with most competitive offers. 10 subsidiaries worldwide are able to process inquiries 24/7 with intent to have prompt and accurate feedback. Moreover, quality department ensures the originality of components by checking them with all currently available test equipment (X-ray, XRF, D-Cap, etc.). As well as inventory management software allows to manage current inventory overstock and material.


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Dynamic Source is able to manage every logistic requirement, from single order to annual request.  The company provides wide range of services such as:

- Supplier consolidation of product ranges and manufacturers

- Customized packaging and labeling

- Managing client's material overstock

- Material refinement, programming, cutting and forming leads

Service quality is one of driving forces of the company in achieving the best results in distribution of electronic components. We always make sure that the quality of the parts never compromised for any cost. Dynamic Source also provides Design-In Services to meet clients’ needs and requirements. In-House service provide variety of Quality Check services that include the following:

- Custom anti-counterfeiting inspection;
- Custom repackaging, relabeling;
- Solderability testing
- Programming

- RoHS verification testing
- Lead inspection
- Lead trimming and forming   
- Baking and dry packing